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Pier and Beam Foundation

Homes Inspections with a pier and beam foundation have a crawlspace under the floor. The foundation walls and multiple piers support the floor girders, which in turn support the floor joists and sub floor, on top of which rests the finished interior floor. This crawlspace is generally only 18 to 24 inches high and difficult to crawl through due to the many obstacles that run beneath the floor. Mechanical equipment, plumbing supply and sewer lines, heating and air conditioning ducts, electrical lines, miscellaneous cable and telephone wires and construction debris often fill the crawlspace making some areas very difficult to access and inspect.  Our primary objective is to get views from under the bathrooms and kitchen because these are the primary wet areas where water leaks most often occur.  Although we may not see every corner of the crawlspace we will get an overall view and opinion of the crawlspace.
It is in this environment that the home inspector must evaluate the contour and moisture level of the ground, the apparent soundness of the concrete and wood structure, the condition of ducts, electrical wiring and plumbing, while checking for water leaks and proper ventilation. Many times there are areas that are very hard to access by physically crawling but the robot only being 9 inches high and 6 wheel drive may be able to get us a view of the area.

Pier and Beam Home Inspections

Pier and Beam Home Inspections

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Pier and Beam Home Inspections

Pier and Beam Home Inspections

Previous water damage on bathroom floor.

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