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Home Inspections

We perform our Home Inspections in accordance with the Texas Real Estate Commission Standards of Practice. The home Inspection addresses only those components and conditions that are present, visible, and accessible at the time of the inspection. While there may be other parts, components or systems present, only those items specifically noted as being inspected were inspected. The inspector is not required to turn on decommissioned equipment, systems, and utility services or apply an open flame or light a pilot to operate any appliance. Not every home inspection is exactly the same. Some inspectors use Plug and Play report programs with Quick Text Buzz Phrases and make every inspection fit into their canned reports. Sometimes that makes it hard for the client to understand the full extent of the issues listed.
Using the canned reports allows the inspector to perform more inspections per day therefore making more money. I hand write every report and ensure that every picture of an issue has an understandable explanation with it.
A report is useless if the client can’t read and understand it. My inspections average 2.5 hours on site time and the reports average 1.5 hours at my computer to create. I normally only schedule 1 inspection per day and am flexible on the time of day to accommodate the client. I will perform inspections on weekends when necessary.
I only schedule a second inspection on some days to help out an agent or a client short on time.

The inspector is not required to climb over obstacles, move furnishings or stored items. The inspection report may address issues that are code-based or may refer to a particular code; however, this is not a code compliance inspection and does not verify compliance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.

The inspection does not imply insurability or warrantability of the structure or its components. Although some safety issues may be addressed in this report, this inspection is not a safety/code inspection, and the inspector is not required to identify all potential hazards. General deficiencies include inoperability, material distress, water penetration, damage, deterioration, missing components, and unsuitable installation. Comments may be provided by the inspector whether or not an item is deemed deficient. The Home Inspection Report is not required prioritize or emphasize the importance of one deficiency over another.

Areas Inspected

  • Foundation
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Roof Covering Material  Click Link to see video of steep metal roof inspection.     https://youtu.be/Fl49xqNNB7A
  • Roof Structure and Attic
  • Walls (interior and exterior)
  • Doors (interior and exterior)
  • Windows
  • Stairways
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys
  • Porches, Balconies, Decks and Carports
  • Electrical Service Entrance
  • Branch Circuits, Connected Devices and Fixtures
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Landscape Irrigation System (sprinklers)
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Duct Systems, Chases and Vents
  • Plumbing Supply, Distribution System and Fixtures
  • Drains, Wastes and Vents
  • Water Heating Equipment
  • Hydro-Massage Therapy Equipment
  • Dish Washers, Food Waste Disposers
  • Range Hood and Exhaust Systems
  • Ranges, Cooktops and Ovens
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Mechanical Exhaust Vents and Bathroom Heaters
  • Garage Door Operators
  • Clothes Dryer Exhaust Systems
  • Pier & Beam Crawlspace  Some crawlspaces are not accessible to crawl. I will use a robot with a GoPro camera to video. Click Link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYcqZTR5xmY


 Home Inspections

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